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Playoffs and State Championship

Rugby Connecticut  

State Championship Format and Dates


Key Dates:

Sunday May 24th -   Pairings for playoffs announced

Weekend of May 29th -   1st Round at higher Seed site

Weekend of June 4th -    2nd Round at higher Seed site

June 13  State Championship Games @  Central Connecticut University

   (Girls Allstar game ,  Boys Single School,  Boys Club )


Sunday  May 24th  - competition committee will announce final league 
points standings  In case of a tie in league points, the first 
tiebreaker will be head to head results.  The second tiebreaker is 
points differential (points for minus points against).  The third 
tiebreaker is tries scored.  The fourth tiebreaker is total points 
scored.  The fifth tiebreaker is a coin toss by competition committee.

The highest seed in each division (single school and multi-school) gets 
a bye in the quarterfinals.  Playoff games do not have to be played on a 
Friday, if one or more of the schools involved have conflicts like 
proms, graduations, etc.  The teams involved should communicate early if 
they have any scheduling issues to find a mutually agreeable date.

May 29 quarterfinals at higher seed
7th seed @ 2d seed (game A)
6th seed @ 3d seed (game B)
5th seed @ 4th seed (game C)

June 5 semifinals at higher seed
Winner of Game C @ 1st seed
Winner of Game A vs.  Winner of Game B (@ higher seed)

June 13  State Championship Games @  Central Connecticut University

by posted 05/08/2015
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